ClickDesigns™ Agency Commercial

The Economy-Proof Business System


Your Own Personalised,
Fully-Operational Design
Agency Business


Sell UNLIMITED Website, Blog,
Sales Funnels Designs &
Graphics to UNLIMITED Clients
for 100% Profits


Charge One Time Or Monthly
Recurring With ZERO Profit


The LIMITLESS Product Engine


Custom Agency


Agency Control
Center For Virtual
Team Accounts


Agency Management
Center to Add, Delete
& Manage Users


Agency Client Work
Review Access


Agency-Wide Design


Client Work & Project


Showcase Design
Portfolio Samples to


1-Click BULK


Watermark Design
Protection Engine


Stealth URL Work


& Storage


Office Support


Global Client-Getting
& Buyers Blueprint

worth $497


Done-For-You Legal
Client Contracts

worth $397


Agency VIP Client

worth $3,997

per year

Agency VIP Client
Technical Support

worth $9,997

per year

An Incredible Once-In-A-Lifetime
REAL Business Opportunity


The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the world, forever.

Online websites, blogs, sales funnels and eCom stores have multiplied exponentially over the past 2 years.

Graphics and designs are in such HIGH demand that the industry is now worth a whopping $13 TRILLION dollars and rising.

In fact, designers will ALWAYS be in demand and command high rates even if they can’t speak English because the fact is, NO business will EVER survive without graphics and designs.


Now, what IF you could instantly tap into the $13 TRILLION dollar design industry that’s FULL of buyers?

What if we made it possible for you to sell graphics and design services as fast as tonight, and get a piece of this billion dollar pie?

What if we set up your Profit-From-The-Get-GO, design agency to serve a NEVER-ENDING & EVER-GROWING hungry crowd of businesses and individuals with shockingly beautiful designs in a snap?

What if you could command PREMIUM HIGH RATES because your designs are just out of this world?

Will this opportunity be life-changing for you?


Designers Are Overwhelmingly
SWAMPED With Buyers


Every day, the need for graphics exponentially increases.

There are 2 billion websites online with over 600 million blogs and over 166,000 websites created daily.

64 million people use WORDPRESS, over 1,000,000 use ClickFunnels,, Convertri, GoHighLevel Kajabi, Kartra and many more.
This is just a handful and there are 100s more!!

The demand on social media is in the BILLIONS and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them NEED graphics and designs making it the MOST IN-DEMAND, and fundamental service in the world for 3 GOLDEN reasons.


Graphics and design will never cease to exist. EVER!


There is ALWAYS a huge market with an ever-growing demand.


ClickDesigns AGENCY makes it super quick and easy to get started.


How Much Could You Potentially Earn
Before The Day Ends?


This is the fastest and easiest way to sell graphics and earn a massive stable income like never before possible where you can charge a one-time or monthly fee for incredible designs pumped out of ClickDesigns Agency non-stop!

This means you can immediately start your agency with the ultimate design toolbox to sell over and over again to massively grow your customer base for endless sales.

Designs that will literally take you minutes to earn as much as you want...

...for micro-gigs, gigs and full websites that you can charge large sums of money for your incredible services.

Graphics you can sell to digital marketers, entrepreneurs, influencers, social media marketers, bloggers, authors, self-publishers, Amazon, eBay & Esty sellers, software creators and many more.




Collaborate, Scale & Grow Your Ready-To-Start-Selling Design Agency
Get Buyers Worldwide & Turn Them Into Paying Clients In Minutes!


Replace Our Logo
With Yours


Pick Your Own
Brand Colors


Add Your
Business Profile


Charge One-Time Fees
Or Monthly Recurring


Zero Profit Sharing
With ClickDesigns

We take care of the entire setup. You sign in, add team
and start making sales!

payment arrowDown

Agency Control Center

ClickDesigns Agency Top-Level Control Center gives you full control over everything inside your agency account.

You, as the boss, remain in control of your business, your assets and intellectual property.

You have full remote access across your entire team, freelancers and agency to create, manage, edit, preview, delete, download, or share assets company-wide.


Custom Agency Branding

You get your very own branded logo dashboard access.

Simply replace our logo from the dashboard with yours.

Rebrand the software with your business name, change the colour theme to have your own professional work station look and feel for your agency.


Agency Management Center

With the basic license of ClickDesigns, only YOU are legally allowed to access the account which means you do everything yourself.

With the agency, you don’t operate alone so you can add up to TEN team sub-accounts, accessible from different machines anywhere in the world.

Your team can create, manage, scale and grow your business without you doing any of the hard work!

YOU have FULL control, to disable or restrict any team member or freelancer anytime, anywhere!


Agency-Wide Design Collaboration

Like the saying goes… 2 minds are better than 1 so imagine the power of TEN?

Any team member can work on a project, and it will immediately get updated in your Design Control Center.

Plus, Member A can redesign or touch up Member B's work in their designated account.

In the end, it doesn’t matter who designs what or when, you get the finished masterpieces directly in your admin account.


Client Work & Project Management

No one likes bad management, so we created the easiest and most reliable way to manage your client's projects for the ultimate client satisfaction!

In 1 click, add, delete and manage client projects within their designated folders so you are always organized and can share with clients whenever they want to see progress!

As you scale and grow your business, we keep you on track with every client project like a pro without you having to remember who is who or what design is for which client.


Showcase Graphic & Design Work Samples to Clients

Immediately get thousands of stunning and professional graphics, designs and templates loaded into your account to showcase clients so you can close deals immediately.

Who likes dealing with anyone without prior work or portfolio?

Your clients will think you have the greatest designer Jedis on the planet because your samples are out of this world.


Agency Client Work Review Access

Let clients see what you are creating for them so they remain confident in your ability to deliver at all times.

No business likes going over budget or deadlines.

Give your clients restricted, view-only access with watermarks to graphics and designs you’re creating for them.

This way you never lose a paying client and they trust you will deliver because they can see progress.


Advanced Features ONLY Available
Inside ClickDesigns Agency

Brand Kits

Streamline your design process with your Brand Kits!

Add graphics, logos, fonts and color themes in your Brand Kit folders and access them directly inside the ClickDesigns editor.

Your personalized design elements are always at your fingertips, ready for your projects inside the editor.

With Brand Kits, you speed up your workflow—your signature style, instantly available, every time you design.


Upload Custom Font

Can't find the perfect font?

With ClickDesigns' custom font uploader, you're in control.

Add the fonts that speak to your audience and embody your brand, seamlessly.

Design without limits and communicate with the right typeface—every time.

It's your vision, undiluted.


1 Click BULK Downloads

Our 1-Click instant BULK download allows you to download entire project folders with designs.

No need to download 1 design at a time like ClickDesigns Pro.

With the Agency, you perform like a well-oiled machine and that’s why you can now download multi-format, high-resolution designs for entire projects in 1 click!


Watermark Design Protection Engine

Add a watermark to every design you share with clients and once they’re happy, in 1 click, remove the watermark to get paid.

We make it easy for you to do this with our powerful watermark engine.

You can create a watermark from scratch or you can add your own branded one directly inside your dashboard.


Stealth URL Work Share

It’s absolutely vital to PROTECT your intellectual property and share designs with clients to get paid.

We care about your success so to safeguard your SOURCE (ClickDesigns Agency) from getting exposed, we added a stealth URL for collaborations with clients.

This allows you to share designs, without leaving a digital trace or revealing your source.

Amazing huh?


UNLIMITED Hosting & Storage

All your content is securely protected by SSL security on Rock-Solid CDN servers with automatic backups.

Unlike others, who charge for every bandwidth you use, the Agency gives you unlimited hosting to host and share creatives with lightning-fast, load time.

ClickDesigns cloud storage keeps your work vault-level safe, freeing up valuable space on your local hard drive so don't need to buy more computers or external hard drives every month as you scale and grow.


You Have The UNLIMITED Product Engine...

Now you need the …

Global Client-Getting & Buyers Blueprint


A step-by-step blueprint to specifically locate 1,000s of daily design jobs globally, with clients ready-to-buy so you can get paid $50, $100, and even $1,000 for tasks that will literally take you minutes from start to finish.

This is the perfect step-by-step blueprint to sell designs and make money.

You can charge one-time fees or you can charge a monthly for a fixed number of designs per month for doing next to nothing. (clicking a few buttons)

Imagine having 10 clients paying you $2,000 a month, that’s $20,000 a month of easy money that takes you minutes to click a template, add their branding, deliver and get paid.

Get paid per design or thousands per month. Your choice!



Client-Contracts & VIP Agency Support

DFY Client Legal Contracts

Worth $397

We give you professional, legally binding Client Contracts that you can use for your agency when a client signs up.

Contracts that are written by a real lawyer that present you as a real business.

Most importantly, you will look credible and trustworthy to deal with!


Agency VIP Client Support

Email, Chat, Skype & ZOOM worth $3,997 per year

As a client, you will be assigned a dedicated VIP account manager who we pay $25 an hour to take care of you.

This is FREE as a client because not only do we help you start, but we are dedicated to be with you every step of the way. (We want your testimonial!)

And IF you ever get stuck, we train you and your team with personalised videos, LIVE Skype or Zoom calls where we share screens and hand hold you through the process!


Agency VIP Technical Support

Email, Chat, Skype & ZOOM worth $9,997 per year

We take care of the technical side so you don’t need to worry about programmers, their jargon, coding or servers.

We pay the programming and technical team $50 per hour to take care of your Agency around the clock for you.

We take care of the monthly dedicated servers too, costing $3,000 per month and upgrade to bigger ones as you grow and scale.


The #1 Design Agency in the World


We make it SO EASY for you to kickstart your agency and start getting buyers before the day ends when you claim your license, ONLY available on this page.

Create all types of graphics and designs faster than any expert designer.

Let others worry about how to make a product or figure out where the next sale is coming from, to put food on the table.

You don’t need to create products because we SUPPLY you with everything you need to make life-changing income, ALL served on a silver platter.

Take FULL control of how much you want to earn daily, monthly or annually, selling amazing graphics and designs created in minutes to earn $50, $100, or even $500 every time.

How To Get SWAMPED With Buyers!


Just think, how many people NEED designs for their website, blog, sales funnels on JVZoo, ClickBank, WarriorPlus, PayKickStart to name a few. (this number runs into the millions)

Think how many people are using ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Kartra, GrooveFunnels, Divi, Beaver Builder, WooCommerce or WordPress engines that need designs?

Think how many times people NEED graphics for their social profiles because we both know it's never a one-time transaction!

So this really is a ONCE-in-a-LIFETIME opportunity for unlimited income and profit potential.

Can you see yourself doing this quickly and easily to get paid?

Imagine selling worldwide for 100% profits using our global client-getting and buyers blueprint…

Backed by an exceptional client and technical support team so you can focus on just getting sales…

How much earning potential do you think you could have in the very near future?



The ALL-IN-ONE any Product
Bundle Maker

Exclusively available to ClickDesigns Agency account holders ONLY!

EXTREMELY Limited Accounts Available Today

Step #1

Like Something You Want For Yourself Or Your Client?

The better you present your product or your clients, the more money you make.

So if a client sees a bundle online and they want it, you are the ONLY agency in the world that can create it for them, lightning fast!


Step #2

Point, Click, Drag & Set The Wireframe

Over 300 mockups, wireframes, 2D & 3D layouts to choose from for every possible style.

From a single boxshot to multiple boxshots, covers, magazines, reports, devices and much more into a single design.


Step #3

Add Your Design

Every layout, detail and background you control to the precise specification of your client for MASSIVE profits!

Instantly BOOST the value and appeal to buy any product or service instantly.


ClickDrive POWERS ClickDesigns!

FREE ClickDesigns Agency Users ONLY Upgrade

The easiest way to manage, organize, collaborate and share designs


Think GoogleDrive for ClickDesigns.

Get full creative freedom to manage all your clients' work in one place without fumbling about on your local drive and without having to stress about storage limitations or costs.

Now you can preview, download, and delete creatives in one location, arranged in as many folders as you like for instant access across your entire team.

ClickDrive keeps your operation efficient, streamlined and organized so you don’t waste valuable time looking for stuff.

ClickDesigns As Your OWN ClickDesigns?

At ClickDesigns, we work exclusively with your Agency, side-by-side and give you a business under your FULL control that you can start operating as fast as tonight.

We made it SUPER-EASY for you with an unlimited number of design products that you can sell, non-stop for pure profits.

We have streamlined the entire operation for you, from idea conception to collaborating, creating, designing, and selling!

  • NO NEED to risk money on testing if a business will work as you get a proven business ready to operate and start selling
  • NO NEED to hire expert designers, coders or webmasters
  • NO NEED to train your team or freelancers as we provide all the training
  • NO NEED to hire a technical team as we take care of ClickDesigns engine around the clock
  • NO NEED to spend money on expensive dedicated servers or manage them as we pay and take care of this
  • NO NEED to spend money on expensive dedicated servers or manage them as we pay and take care of this
  • NO NEED spend money on hosting as we provide unlimited cloud hosting and storage
  • NO NEED buy project management tools as we give you a client and management dashboard
  • NO NEED figure out how to get buyers as we provide you with the client-getting & buyers blueprint

So What’s The Investment?

By now, you understand the explosive opportunity of ClickDesigns Agency.

We have invested over $500,000 in ClickDesigns for MASS market that gives ANYBODY the power to create mind-blowing designs in minutes.

Our monthly operations costs are $20,000 and we run multiple, dedicated, heavy-duty servers, including CloudFare and Amazon at $5,000 per month.

So you are right to think, it's NOT cheap, and it would cost you a small fortune.

Just to get started on your own would cost you at least $10,000 and this doesn't include software or any form of training or even the step-by-step blueprint for getting buyers.

You have to figure it all out on your own through trial and error.


Just think...

INSTANT access to a 6-figure business system where all you do is create your account, add your branding and logo, add team members and start selling as FAST as tonight.

We have over 6,000 design templates ready for you to access as soon as you claim your account.

Other software licenses similar to ClickDesigns that solve REAL-WORLD problems sell for $7,999 per month or as little as $499 per month.

However, today, and today ONLY, we are going to offer you a VERY special, time-sensitive discount.

Right now, you're not going to pay $7,999, $699 or even $499 per month!

For a limited time only, you can get ClickDesigns Agency
for a low one-time annual investment…

For Just $247

One-Time Payment

Don't let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass you by so ACT NOW
and upgrade to ClickDesigns Agency now.

Here’s EVERYTHING You Get Today!


  • ClickDesigns Agency
  • Custom Agency Branding
  • Agency Control Center For Virtual Team Accounts
  • Agency Management Center to Add, Delete & Manage Users
  • Agency-Wide Design Collaboration
  • Client Work & Project Management
  • 1-Click BULK High-Resolution Downloads
  • ​Watermark Design-Protection Engine
  • Brand Kits
  • Upload Custom Fonts
  • ​Stealth Click Share URL
  • ​Showcase Design Portfolio Samples to Clients worth $297
  • Agency Client Work Review Access worth $497
  • ​UNLIMITED Hosting & Storage worth $997
  • Global Client-Getting & Buyers Blueprint
  • ​Done-For-You Legal Client Contracts
  • Agency VIP Client Support worth $3,997 (email/chat/Skype/Zoom)


  • ​​Agency VIP Client Technical Support worth $9,997 (email/chat/Skype/Zoom)
  • FULL Custom ​ALL-IN-ONE PRODUCT BUNDLE Maker worth $1,997
  • ​ClickDrive for ClickDesigns Agency ​worth $697


Collaborate, Sell, Scale & Grow
Your Design Agency For 100% Profits

Includes VIP Technical & Support worth $14,888 per year
Including New Agency Account Bonuses worth $27,579

Agency Franchise Startup Fee

Software License Fees
$7,999, $699 or $299 per month

Just 1 Payment Of $247.00 ONLY!

One-Time Deal


Coupon Auto Applied on Checkout

Now ONLY $197.00 Today!

payment window

We take care of the engine so you can focus on printing money.

But you MUST ACT FAST if you want to SECURE your account (limited accounts available) and start making money quickly and easily with ClickDesigns Agency right away!

Accounts are getting claimed FAST because you will NEVER come across this amazing opportunity to make a LOT of money for such a low investment, ever!

You literally have ClickDesigns as your OWN ClickDesigns.

Exponentially Explode Your Income With
ClickDesigns Agency As Clients Consistently THROW
Money At You For Phenomenal Designs Created
At Lightning Speed Over & Over Again!

Collaborate, Scale & GROW Your Ready-To-Start-Selling Design Agency

All-In-One Agency Commercial, Freelancer & Team License Included

ClickDesigns Agency makes designing easier than ever before
so you can PRINT money as fast as tonight!


OH My GOD! What an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I have been waiting for.



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