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Well, you could waste a ton of productive hours comparing our features against Canva with a fine-tooth comb. But we’ll spare you the mind-numbing efforts and confidently tell you up front…

Canva is an 800-pound gorilla.

It’s a billion-dollar company that’s valued in the billions so they have obviously injected the gorilla with steroids to amp-UP features that makes them look beefy and sound cool.

What else you gonna do with $572.6M in investment Capital?

Yep, SPEND IT! But let’s be practical. All those extra bells and whistles, you don’t need them. You only need the ones that get the job done. That’s why we’re lean (self-funded) and beautiful like Johnny (Sing Disney movie) because quality beats quantity every time.

Sing along… “When you call my name. It’s like a little prayer…”

Our focus is simple. To significantly reduce time and effort, and skyrocket productivity to get really amazing graphics that not only look great but are actually useful.

We’re SEXY and we know it!

We thought about tooting our own horn but we’re a company run by ordinary folks just like you, whose mission is to serve millions of users get extraordinary graphics FAST. So, it’s probably best to let real users do the talking who have used both Canva and ClickDesigns so you can decide?


Simon Phillips

I tried to do something tonight in my go to Canva account and it couldn't do it easily (3D ebook covers). I was trying to help out a group member so I logged into my ClickDesigns account and it can do it! Super impressed and it takes a lot to impress me.

You have a newly converted evangelist! Richard is already on the CD team but I guess I am as well now!

Great software mate - really impressed.


Conrad Brem

If you don't use ClickDesigns already, you're definitely missing out and wasting a lot of time along the road when you create some graphics.

I know, probably, you've heard about Canva, and there's nothing wrong with that. But if you want to have more functionality in a more predictable way, other than, I definitely recommend that you check out ClickDesigns.

For YouTube videos, you can use ClickDesigns to build your funnels' background, which means you may need mock-ups, you need to make annotations for your already existing boxes, and you may have to select and put together some illustrations or even more, and even better, some bundles.

You can create your own templates, or you can just pick one and, like I said, you can save a lot of time.

So, if you have not used Click Designs already, I highly recommend it. Give it a try, and I'm pretty sure you will not regret it.


Jerry Alvarez

The software is freaking premium, top-notch. I don't even mess with Canva. I only mess with ClickDesigns because it's made from marketers, by marketers.

It's a top-grade, A Plus freaking software. It's gonna be the number one software in the market here very soon if it isn't already (at least self-proclaimed by me).

Because if you want it easy and done right, then you go with ClickDesigns.


Cynthia Braseth

I build websites and repurpose Facebook pages. I was using Canva but it isn't geared to sales, and it doesn't have the mock-ups and the things that you need for a sales funnel. So I switched to ClickDesigns and I absolutely love it.

If you're building funnels or a Facebook page, ClickDesigns has the designs that you need, and I absolutely recommend it to anybody who's doing any sort of marketing online.


Fredrik Asche Kaada

ClickDesigns is superb 📸✅ Canva is good, but not great. The top tier quality is achieved with ClickDesigns.


Tunukwa Neal

Canva designs are dated, and some are "agenda oriented". The only reason I use Canva is when the product creator designs the product in such a way I have to use Canva.

ClickDesigns stimulates my mind and it comes with great designs, graphics are relevant, have "elan" or style and there are lots of great features.


Rajiv Nagare

I like ClickDesigns because of the boxshots, readymade designs for social media, funnel headlines.


Ellen Russell-Frederking

ClickDesigns is the da'bomb and CANVA is like... black coffee, gets the job done but lacks pizzazz!


JC Cohn

I want to talk about how grateful I am for ClickDesigns. It has really saved me time and effort in creating logo designs, ebook designs, and YouTube thumbnails for my YouTube videos.

I am just grateful that it's available because it saves me time. I no longer have to go to Canva to do my designs. I simply log into my ClickDesigns account, and boom! I can easily create them without any hassle.

So, thank you, for creating ClickDesigns. I really appreciate this product, and I just want to say that if you need a design software or product that can create the designs you need, I highly recommend picking up Click Designs. You'll never regret that decision.


Mark Burke

I have compared ClickDesigns features with other major companies such as Adobe and Canva. I have used these and they are much more difficult to use and learning curve is steep. I shared it with a friend who was asking me to take a look at another product that is ‘web-based application but nothing even remotely comparable to ClickDesigns.


Milla McCammon

I have Canva. But I have found that ClickDesigns can let you put everything in one place and it's so nice. It's got the design agency for my agency, and the agency functions for my teammates.


Valery Reims

It’s the best investment I’ve made to advance my skills quickly. It saves me a lot of time and allows me to increase my design skills… I prefer ClickDesigns to Canva. I can now easily create beautiful graphic designs on my website & create new products easily.


Michael Lee Sr.

I used to have problems with Photoshop and Canva making my logos, my ebook covers for my business… and ClickDesigns just made it so simple, so quick to do. I'm able to save money, save a lot of time, and it's just fun to use as well.


Donna Watson

Thank you for doing the tutorials! and for all you do to make this an exceptional product!


Lynne Kostiuk

I have never used canva. I do use Adobe and I always have to spend time watching tutorials when I create something. I don't have to do that with ClickDesigns because it is very intuitive and user friendly!!


Jeannette Rolinson

I prefer ClickDesigns over Canva, because it's made personally for me.


Melanie Nichols

Love the mockups and bundles


Brad Hedgecorth

I got ClickDesigns a year ago, and I loved it from the very beginning. I had been using Canva up to that point. It works good, and I still use it to start a lot of the projects I do, and some I start from ClickDesigns. When I start them in Canva, very often I then transfer that rough draft project over to ClickDesigns to actually make it complete and use tools that ClickDesigns has over and above Canva.

Yes, just about everything that Canva has anyway. But it has so many more tools, and I just switch over, and I finish it up. Years ago, I tried out Photoshop and I tried doing some tutorials and all that. And after a little while, I figured out the only way out when you get this with the 1,000-word artist vocabulary for learning all the 500 tools that it has. You have to have a college degree, not true for ClickDesigns.

ClickDesigns is actually a totally different proposition. I just love it! I would have spent two weeks working on a graphic in Photoshop, but in ClickDesigns I do it in an hour or less.

I am very much a fan, and I recommend this to anybody. It's a great product. Thank you very much!


Richard Averell

I signed up for ClickDesigns because I wanted to be able to create all the designs I needed. And it was immediately better than Canva, Photoshop, hiring a designer because it is a lot cheaper, more efficient, faster, easier to use. I ended up getting phenomenal graphics within a matter of minutes.


Ronald Prescod

I was basically doing the same thing in Canva but with a lot of work and I would build everything from the ground up.

I always had to do a lot of work with their templates, so I would never use the templates.

I am more comfortable with ClickDesigns. It suits my style and it's very easy!


Nik Lakhani

I come from a software background so I expect the interface to be intuitive and I should be able to create a basic logo or post without too much bother in both Canva and Clickdesigns.

I found Canva overwhelming, it was clunky and awkward and not very intuitive. Things weren't logical, in my view. I left it alone.....



ClickDesigns over Canva! Let's count the ways.

1) The consistent trainings on different ways to utilize ClickDesigns to generate revenue.

2) The super responsive customer service to answering questions, implementing suggestions, and creating templates.

3) Ease of use. Pick a template and make the changes or start from scratch. Either way it's easy to use.

Annnd ClickDesigns+ is Game Changer!

If you don't have ClickDesigns as one of your go to tools you are doing yourself a disservice. Get it today!

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